Monday, April 26, 2010

Taking Time to Celebrate a New Baby Girl...

Taking time to celebrate a new life…is what’s been on my mind lately.  I was told I was “spearheading” the event and I am quite happy to do so.  The theme motifs are footprints, flowers and butterflies, all of which describe signs of spring…  I don’t know about you but the first opportunity I can walk barefoot on the grass you can be sure I WILL.   And I suppose our prayers are that this newborn’s footprints will take her to the moon if she wishes, but too that they be healthy and strong and sensible as she grows.
Butterflies because her Daddy likes them, I am sure he hopes his little larva/bug-a- boo of a baby will transform into a beautiful butterfly one day.  And lastly flowers are incorporated just because we are thinking about a spring bouquet.
One hundred invitations have been posted and the enthusiasm of it all almost feels like Christmas!!!  So wish us luck!!!!!
event by: A Flor De Lis Flower Shoppe

Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking Time to THINK PINK.....

Here it is Monday again. Weekends seem too just sneak by so fast!!!
Ended nicely though, with a lovely family dinner. Everything fat free and low calorie ….of course, no, but usually with a nice leisurely dinner one can skip supper and go straight to the hot butter and Parmesan-ed popped corn and root beer. No, no counting here.
So now it’s a new week and the madness starts all over again. I say madness because I am home alone again and I have a list to do and consider and prepare and cut and paste and all the fun things that one needs to do in developing a party; a Baby Girl shower to be precise.
So of course I am thinking Pink!!!
Any good,innovative and fresh, ideas are welcomed!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take Time THURSDAY...

Thursday, is my day. It is the day reserved in the week to do what I desire. I will never schedule an appointment or make any other plans but those that I want. It sounds lofty, I know, because usually it is the day I do housework.
I change the bed linens so there is laundry involved. If the fridge needs emptying and reorganized so be it. If someone should want me to do something on Thursday, I am booked because no matter what I actually do on Thursdays it’s what I WANT and intend to do only!!!!
The vacuum cleaner and duster typically are involved in the plan of the day. Especially for the floor level that has been ignored during the week; our house being a three story one, I seem to have to do the main floor several times a week with the dogs in and out the other two can get overlooked.
No doctors or dentist or any other annoying person/situation can interrupt this day, unless I choose to let it.
Mondays are blue days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are “get busy doing” something days. So you see how perfect Thursday is? Friday starts the weekend, at least in my mind. Saturday and Sunday are always for everything else, planned or not.
So, today is Thursday. And the rebel in me is so happy. Yes, I can do just what I please!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking Time To Rearrange...

What is it in a woman that causes her to “have” to move furniture around? Rearrange it, oh, maybe twice a year.
I was just sitting there this morning sipping my third cups-o-coffees and it came to me....yes, the urge to change the arrangement of my living room. Maybe it was the caffeine talking but I just couldn’t deny the impulse to get up and start the procedure.
Mind you there are a series of steps that are involved in tackling the job by oneself. There is propping up (which takes considerable amount of strength) to move the huge Oriental rug, then the need to balance out the lighting system. Making sure that the view out the windows to the yard is most effective. When its summer I like to make sure I can enjoy my window boxes inside as well. Then I must think about my husband and his chair and make sure he will be happy. After all he resides here too. I like to have a nice flow in and through and around too.
Half way into the foolishness, I find myself talking out loud saying, "Self, what the heck were you thinking you not only will need to clean and wipe down all the new spaces but you probably will need a chiropractor besides". Then after a couple of miss-tries and working up a sweat I sit back and take it all in and hope I like it and if I don't then I say to myself ,"give it a couple of days". I walk away from it with my fingers crossed. Convincing myself this is the best way ever. But if Larry doesn't like I will put it all back...with his help of-course.
I suppose the best part of this story is that it our home and I am blessed to have one, for be it ever so humble…