Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking Time To Weed...

Today I planted the last of my tiny perennial sprouts.  As I unfolded my poor aching back and legs I thought to myself the following things:
1. When my seedlings were tiny I could have confused them for weeds.
2. Therefore, I was glad I waited to nurture them before I transplanted them.
3. Weeds are like bad habits.
4. If you let them grow UN=noticed they will take over your garden.
5. Make sure you can tell the difference (between a weed and a seedling) before you cultivate it.
 I am looking forward to enjoying many years of these beautiful flowers that have been cautiously chosen and cared for.  Our lives should be just as vigilantly cared for.  Weeding out the bad and the awful…not letting them crowd out the good-quality in OUR garden of a life.
I love the spring time new growth and new beginnings the symbol of HOPE!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking Time to Write to Baby Addison...

Elizabeth B. J.
You are embarking on a wonderful NEW role –
You are going to be a MOTHER!
I can imagine since the moment you saw that first scanned image of Addison & saw Addison's little heart beat…you have been overjoyed, worried, been concerned, planned every detail and loved her for these almost 9 months and that it has probably consumed your thoughts and mind and heart almost constantly… you know sweetheart, it is just the beginning of a lifetime with her.
Yes, all of your planning, care, preparation and love will be embodied in this precious little baby girl who will one day grow up to be a woman.
I am not sure if you know this or not, but I was on the Island with YOUR mother during the weeks before you were born.
I was also at the hospital waiting for you to be born when your mom was in labor with you.
The very prayers I prayed for my sister those 28 years ago I am praying for you…all those things I just have imagined you might be feeling, I imagined with your mother before you were born ~ how she longed to have a baby girl to add to the Nelson family!  How she too worried and dreamed…was scared…then she had YOU - this bundle of pink …healthy and just perfectly beautiful, GIRL…and now a grown up, competent woman…ready to become a mother yourself.
I know she is so proud of you, and grateful for the woman you have become.
Elizabeth, I want to take a minute to tell you from my heart to yours
When you think of Addison and her future ahead,
There will be times throughout her life that …
Your soul will be so happy with her ~ then there will be times where it will ache for her.
She will delight you … and she will also, believe it or not, devastate you.
You will hope for the very best for her…and then have her make an unwise decision.
She will be sick or sad, and no matter how hard you try, you may not understand what she needs.
You will always want her to sleep well, eat and be healthy and happy…and you will do all you can to provide those things for her…for ALL of her life.
Addison will have the power to hold YOUR heart in her hands.
There will also be times where you will be so pleased with yourself as a mother…you have got this baby schedule figured out…that you knew just what she needed…that you could get her that perfect dress…that you could help her with her walk with Jesus…you had just the right advice to give…that you could give her a wonderful home to grow up in & be loved in…
But there may also be times where you may struggle, you may be impatient, you may not have the money to get her something, you may feel dissatisfied…you may not like the journey you are on…you will feel like a failure…and believe me… those things are all a part of life
So here is where some “words” from your Aunt – way down in Texas, will be passed on to you…they are my “mantra’s” and thoughts that have kept me going throughout my life as well as motherhood…I have to fall back on them…even now.
1.              Anything that makes you feel angry or stressed but is beyond your control…
”LET IT GO … and…TURN IT OVER TO GOD”… Let yourself feel what has gotten you so upset, then lift it up as a prayer…and move on.
Picture your hand held tightly in a clenched fist (cause you’re angry) ~  then turn your hand over & open up your palm, fingers stretched out….lift your arm up…and give it to God.
I promise you WILL find peace in your soul as you do this…even if you have to do it 10 times in one day…whenever that nasty, angry thought creeps up…open up that fist and give it back to God.
2.                 Anything that makes you overwhelmingly happy – even proud – no words to describe it…No one can imagine your joy…first thing you do is:
“PONDER IT” …just like Mary in the Bible, after she gave birth to Jesus, and the Shepherds & Wise men came to honor Jesus…she didn’t run around telling everyone she met what had happened…the scriptures tell us “she kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”.   Take time to see how God has worked to bring about these blessing in your life ~
Just a thought…
PONDER God’s goodness and providence in your life…
3.                 When you are discouraged or scared – with yourself… your expectations, your faith… your family and friends ~ maybe you feel you have been let down…
“KEEP WALKING”…I picture Fievel Mousekewitz…the little mouse from “American Tails” (a movie you watched when you were a little girl…sometimes even at my house!) –
See if you can picture this with me…
Little Fievel is boarding the ship that is coming to America – the humans are walking the big planks onto the deck of the ship from land, while the mice are walking on the ropes that tie the ships to the land for their unknown future…Fievel and his family are weighed down with their luggage…and Fievel says…”I’m scared Papa”…and Fievel ’s dad says…”Keep walking Fievel…keep walking”. –
God is like that too – We can say to Him…”I’m scared Papa”…Hebrews also tells us of the examples of people who have walked by faith…just trusting that they would reach what they were expecting and hoping for…as they “just kept walking”.
When you hit those “hurdles” of discouragement…fear…and disillusionment…remember…
Things will get better…don’t give up …don’t stop …and what at times may seem insurmountable can turn out to be a mountain you climbed and is now behind you… that has now given you courage to face more of the future.
You know what is exciting?
You and Stephen will now not just be the two of you …you will be a family.
And your hopes and dreams are being realized.
…and tomorrow is Mother’s Day…
What a special time for you…for your mom….for Grandma…as you see the “footprints” that have walked before you…and as you dream of the new “footprints” to come!
With love, Your, Tia Suely
May 8,