Monday, January 25, 2010

Take time to consider what real JOY is.....dedicated to Linda...

"by the will of God" (2 Cor.1:1)....
If your life is in the will of God, there is no question in your mind. And, if you are in the will of God, it makes no difference where you are or how you are or what your circumstances may be, you are in a wonderful, glorious place.  You may be lying in a hospital bed.  If that is the will of God,  that is the proper place for you. (J. Vernon McGee)

Today my thoughts and prayers are for you, Linda May, for I know you well  enough to have proof that you are in His will. I know that, because you have testified to that fact.  You have received Him as your Savior and have served Him because of His merciful gift.
So, now you are in this place...stricken by this disease, a bit bewildered as to your future and the healing process.  Yet, even as a child of God, and even if you are sorrowful and fearful and there are tears in your eyes, be assured that joy comes in the morning.  John 16: 21-22  says, And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again,(I believe this means remind us again that He is with us) and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man/illness taketh from you.
The JOY of knowing Him is your strength and that alone will help us stay firm in the will of God at this time.
So, we are praying for this "place" in your life and for complete healing.  I hope that this letter will be a reminder of how wonderful it is to be in His will much
You are LOVED!!!!

...Linda's Rose...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Take the Time to Pray for this family!!!!!

From: Marlene;  Health Programs manager; FH- Haiti
Date: Thu, Jan 14 at 6:25 PM
Dear FH Family,
As you may already know Haiti is going to a very dramatic time after a very strong earth quake that practically destroy mainly Port au Prince and the metropolitan area. We are in a situation of disaster and we are ALL left by ourselves because the UN HQ as been completely destroyed and the complete head team has been killed after the building housing them ( a huge hotel of more than 8 floor and as many at lower  level) was completed smashed down…the direct consequence is that all effort ( loader, tractors ,helicopters , etc ) are concentrated to help the UN first and the whole population is left to her ” own sake “  as they reply when they are called for Help. People that are under the destroyed building and still alive are not being rescued by the institutional help ,we are seeing instead solidarity effort and enthusiastic and spontaneous helper rescuing people .In my neighborhood we were able to rescue alive  a 98   blind YO lady after 16 hrs  .Her house smashed down over her head ,she is not well with her left arm broken and bruised she might end up amputated .
7 hospital have been destroyed including 2 of  MSF and the results that the only remaining hospital were overloaded after 45 minutes following the event and after the first day they ran out of all elementary medical material like IV fluid or just Gauze. Thousands of people( 3000 they  say) are wounded and cannot receive help or care as a result many have died because of lack of care .Since help from the government or the UN has been totally absent the population is fighting alone and the dead people are just abandoned on the sidewalk we cannot count them ) Luis, Leonel ,Celeste ,Glenda ,Tom and Kim you already have visited Caribbean market. Caribbean market was smashed down to the street level at the rush hour time. Many school,Hotels (like Montana: hosting at the time 200 visitors was completely destroyed)  and universities while they were having the afternoon group working. The palace is partially destroyed and the cathedral is completely destroyed.
My family was miraculously save alive, the house where I lived is completely destroyed although the roof is still standing. Next door ,where I grew up my parents house is completely smashed down with my father .He died I think and hope immediately we were able to remove him under the roof from after 2 hours of effort and I have buried him in the front yard of our his home ( instead of waiting for the government) .Funeral home are unreachable and any way  overloaded  . I am trying to help as a doctor but there is not much supply to care for wound and bruises.
Life has stopped since 2 days. Communication is impossible by phone and I am using friend internet provider to send that email. Leonel even we need help I am not sure it is wise to come now with your family.
We need is mainly : medical teamS and supplies to care for wounded people traumatic specialized surgeon and or orthopedist, and nurses ( amputation will be probably the most required action at the moment help will arrived) psycho logic support will be important as well ,food for the population living in the street and sleeping on the drive way on comforter and sheet mattresses , that what I am doing for 2 days with my family .
I personally have almost  lost everything as furniture and clothing ,shoes ; however my laptop ( my working  life  was with me and is still safe ) School year is probably lost, because most schools are destroyed … I do not know….
I remain hopeful and merciful to the Lord who is on His throne the same way as HE  was WHEN  Noah EXPERIENCED FLOOD …
We need you to pray for lives to be changed by the grace of GOD I have never seen Haitian crying out to GOD like that So it is a right time for them to accept the Lord as their savior .
Health Programs manager 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Largest earthquake in Haiti history leaves destruction and chaos
January 12, 2010, 7:00 PM
Thousands feared dead amidst the rubble and ruins

A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Haiti, hitting in the highly
populated capital of Port-au-Prince. Food for the Hungry Haiti staff members are on the ground and
our Emergency Response Unit and nearby Dominican Republic staff are mobilizing to help Haitians in

Just hours after the quake hit, night had fallen and communication lines and electricity was
out, leaving thousands of people stranded and possibly trapped under the rubble. Many public
buildings, including a hospital, have collapsed. In a country already poor and vulnerable, this
catastrophe threatens the lives of countless Haitians.

Please help Food for the Hungry bring hope to the people reeling from this catastrophe.

Pray: Please pray for the safety of our staff in Haiti, many of whom we have not been able to
contact. Also, pray for the thousands of Haitians struggling to survive, that help would reach them
in time.

Give now: Your faithful support allows our Emergency Response Unit to reach people immediately
with the supplies they need – food, water, shelter – to survive.  Give now to help bring hope to
Haiti{simplecaddy code=23968&style=default}

Follow the Food for the Hungry Emergency Relief Unit on Twitter or join Food for the Hungry's Facebook page for the latest news on how Food for the Hungry is responding to emergencies around the world.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking Time to Serve ...

Last night as we were talking and waxing eloquently in our Bible study (trying to out "theologianize" each other), it suddenly occurred to me that doing that very thing was so NOT Christ like.
I realized that before any ministering to others Jesus set aside time for prayer which will prepare and strengthen us for the journey. Then He tried to identify with the ones He talked and walked with. He saw and understood and helped them UNDERSTAND before forcing them into change and frighting them with the ole hell,fire,and brimstone approach.Ya know? He focused on the heart of the issue first. When they were hungry he prepared the lunch and sat down too. When He was tired He rested. He was always ready to serve in all the methods He knew how.
AND, this part is the hard part for most of us...He did it all with HUMILITY...He loved people and appreciated culture and didn't go around trying to change everyone to fit His own until they saw Him as the answer to a condition and a need they had to fill and it was a joy to do so.
I know He was/and is God and could and can do beyond all understanding . By the end of our lesson we read a quote by Ron Sider which to me summed it up very nicely: "God does not want anyone to feel guilty for not doing everything-or for taking time off for relaxation and recreation.  Everyone should prayerfully ask God what limited, specific things God wants him or her to concentrate on.  It was God after all, who made us finite with only twenty-four hours each day.  Being called to do all God wants us to do to correct social sin is not a heavy burden.  It is an invitation to joy and meaning in life, an occasion for blessing our neighbors, and a wondrous opportunity to be a co-worker with the Lord of history."

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Anniversary Roses. The Black Baccarra!!!

 There are several kinds of black Roses.  This particular variety has the most petal count.  Layers and layers of curled edges.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take Time To Do These Three Things

Jesus felt the need to do these three simple habits:
(1) He stood up to read "as was His custom"
(2) He went out into the mountain to pray "as was His custom"
(3) He would teach them again
This are just the basics of living in the spiritual life. If He, the very Son of God could not get along with out them, how do I hope to do so???
Here is my new diet for spiritual food...then I won't eat physical food. skinny would a lot of us be. If I would cut my physical food each time I cut my spiritual intake HUMMMM.  Get the picture.
I truly believe our Bible time and prayer time should come in plateful size daily. If this New Year of 2010 or this new decade, I am faithful in these three areas of my live... I can truthfully say I am a success and in good shape.

Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 1974....

36 years ago today, at 7:00 PM, in Schroon Lake New York, Larry and I said our wedding vows.
Only now,after so many years of refining...  those words that we repeated  really do make sense.
In sickness and health, I can't tell you how many hours I have sat in the waiting room as Larry was having surgery. He on the other hand has probably had to contend with "mental "stuff with me.  OCD at.times my children would say.  But, healthy days would out number the ill ones...for that we are great full

Richer or Poorer,  I suppose would have to depend on how you define those two words.  Does it mean money in the bank and all our assets or does it mean a life filled with fun and laughter.  A life of serving in a country building something from seedlings to giant trees, over looking the ocean.  O yes, I am a princess daughter of the King O Kings married son of the King of Kings.
It is often difficult to distinguish a vow from an oath. A vow is an oath, but an oath is only a vow if the divine being is the recipient of the promise and is not merely a witness.
We said our vows before God and other witnesses...I believe that these vows are the glue that holds a marriage together in difficult times.  A reminder that there was a promise made that should not be broken no matter the cost.The vow seals the deal and builds the very foundation to begin a life as one.
Becoming ONE, we learned after a difficult period in our marriage,does not mean blending of selves stay you and he stays him...and you use these two lives or backgrounds to form a better one.  It does not mean one or the other.  That is why I hold my breath when, the Unity Candle is used in a wedding as the symbol of joining two lives or families...and then the bride and groom blow their own candle out.  Thus saying I am not any more.  You and your light should shine and compliment and build a bigger flame together
So, today I will go back in my memories of that day and all that took place before during and after...I will cherish  it as one of the most important moments of my life.  And I hope that I would treat it as one of the most precious and valuable ones too

. ' Til death Us Do Part.....

Friday, January 1, 2010