Friday, June 15, 2012


During the past four years Larry has traveled numerous times to Africa and it seemed like each time he went he could feel this nudging of conscious saying, “This is really what I want to be doing full time."  Not only the nudging but every trip was a blessing to all. These trips to Africa have been accompanied with American pastors along to help and with the support of an organization called, Food for the Hungry. Two of the his pastor friends on these trips to Africa, have encouraged him to focus on serving Africa in a more personal way and it’s seems as though God is reminding us once again,”go, for I have reopened the door for you”

  Our thoughts seemed to always go back to the mid-seventies, when scores of African-Portuguese refugees came to the Motherland fleeing from the Marxist government’s take-over of Portuguese colonies. God began touching our hearts then with the concern for Portuguese-speaking African people whom escaped with nothing but their clothes on their backs.Larry would even plant the seed of concern to our young Portuguese who came to Christ through our ministry to pray about this need to go.  

Larry was reminded from one of those challenged to go, by the name of George Silver, he and his young family now serve in Africa. George writes, I PRAYED AND I OBEYED AND I AM IN AFRICA.”  Then he added, "I kept my side of the deal, where are you?

So now we have been re-challenged our goal is to begin August 1, 2012, to go full time with our ministry, Global Portuguese Outreach, which began in 2008, which is a 501c3. So, we are raising support and asking you to walk with us as we serve through evangelism and strengthening of the national church pastors speaking Portuguese with emphasis on Africa and Indonesia. Your support can be monthly or one-time. We find that many prefer to donate a one-time yearly gift. This method takes the stress off monthly support with option to renew on a yearly basis and as God blesses.  We trust that you will have time to pray and partnership with us. And build with us a relationship and joint venture to reach and serve the Portuguese speaking people.

It has been interesting to see how the focus on Missions has evolved during in our life time. In the forties and fifties, when our parents went to the field, missions were very much concentrated in the unreached areas. Today 95% of all missionaries are in mega-urban capitols of the world. My passion is the forgotten national pastors who faithfully work in backward areas of their countries where many are reluctant to go. This is where Larry has been these past four years in an extreme difficult area where they desperately need help and encouragement. Recently, he was in Saca, Mozambique, So. Eastern Africa. The jaunt itself took two hours of riding in a jeep, over a bike trail road. Yet, Pastor Dennis peddles his bike back to the community each week and the church keeps growing and is eager for more yet these communities and the leaders have been ignored by the in government for years. It is to these communities and these pastors who need our help for their ministry. So with all honesty and quite bluntly, God has blessed us with being bi-lingual, and we are willing and able to go, would you be willing and able to help us.

We would love the opportunity to speak at your church or your group home Bible studies. You could open your home to your friends and help us introduce them to our ministry.
If you have any questions about how God is leading us please contact us.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Empty Nest needs to be emptied…

Our daughter is getting ready to pack up to move to Florida for Grad. School and as I looked around her room I can’t imagine where to begin to pack her off.  Knowing that she most likely won’t ever live here anymore, how will we make her throw away things she doesn’t need any more?  Part of you says leave everything exactly like you never went?  That can’t be healthy.  I believe that would be boarder- line “hoarderish” of us.
Plastic containers would be a good idea to separate keep and give things; it seems so easy on those shows.  They never let you see how many people are helping with process either.
I am sure the best way is to clean it out completely at least to a storage space of some kind, after all memories are always there and they don’t smell moldy or get dusty.
Step one: Get started! (TOMORROW)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Next Step...

The next step...

Everyone is wondering what our next step is, well, it is more like a giant leap of FAITH kind of step.
We hope to really start running soon.
We will keep you posted on the route we will be taking. God's G.P.S is saying, “take the next available 
So that is what we are praying about. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

I love the green of spring..

The two seasons I love most living in the Adirondacks are fall and opposites I know...because one is just dying and the other beginning to live. Or one seems awfully wrong and the other wonderfully right. We need the one to have the other. Ying and yang of the environment I suppose. Maybe because I am a Libra and this is the balancing of nature at her finest. As far as colorful the fall is so gloriously breath taking...yet it is ultimately leading up the "winter of my despair”, thank you, Green-gables person for that phrase. Spring is no doubt synonymous with the word hope, up here in these-here-parts, because we hope for one to be over and the other to come fast. All this came to me as I was spray painting my porch/deck furniture a lovely shade of spring green. The paint can said, Satin Eden, as the official color. I don't know if I was trying to convince myself of the color but when I read the name of the color on the can I knew it was a sign...