Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking Time To Weed...

Today I planted the last of my tiny perennial sprouts.  As I unfolded my poor aching back and legs I thought to myself the following things:
1. When my seedlings were tiny I could have confused them for weeds.
2. Therefore, I was glad I waited to nurture them before I transplanted them.
3. Weeds are like bad habits.
4. If you let them grow UN=noticed they will take over your garden.
5. Make sure you can tell the difference (between a weed and a seedling) before you cultivate it.
 I am looking forward to enjoying many years of these beautiful flowers that have been cautiously chosen and cared for.  Our lives should be just as vigilantly cared for.  Weeding out the bad and the awful…not letting them crowd out the good-quality in OUR garden of a life.
I love the spring time new growth and new beginnings the symbol of HOPE!

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