Wednesday, June 15, 2011

.. trip to the Denist..

So, my daughter and I had hit some considerable traffic on our way to the dentist yesterday. When out of nowhere a spider decides to descend almost touching my nose

Well I yelled just like the kid in the movie, ”Home Alone”. And my brave daughter tries to save me by grabbing Charlotte in a receipt she held (to prevent herself from touching the itsy bitsy spider) unsuccessfully, I might add. I started blowing and blowing and all that did was cause her to swing back and forth and even closer to my face.
So I am screaming “should I pull over, should I pull over… My daughter is saying Mom calm down…
Well, the spider disappears somewhere between my legs and all I could do is swishing my legs back and forth and when I could stomp I would.
End of story we made it to the Dentist in plenty of time and I don’t know what happened to Charlotte.

But we are fine,

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