Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Girl Has Got To Do, What A Girl Has Got To Do

What is it in a woman that makes her have the need to move furniture around? Rearrange it, oh, maybe once a year. I must confess I am just one of those "kinds"of women. There probably is a physiological term or syndrome for this. If so I have it big time.
I was just sitting there this morning after my quite- time and sipping my third cuppa-o-jo and it came to me....yes, the urge to change the arrangement of my living room. Maybe it was the caffeine talking but I just; couldn’t deny the impulse to get up and start the procedure.
Mind you there are a series of steps that are involved in tackling the job by oneself. There is propping up (which takes considerable amount of strength) to move the huge Oriental rug, then the need to balance out the lighting system. I like to make sure that the view out the windows is at its most effective position. When its summer I want to make sure I can enjoy my window boxes inside as well. Then I must think about my husband and his chair and make sure he will be happy; After all he resides here too. I like to have a nice flow in and through and around too.
Half way into the foolishness; I find myself talking out loud; "Self, what the heck were you thinking. You not only will need to clean and wipe down all the new spaces but you probably will need a chiropractor besides”. Then after a couple of miss-tries and working up a sweat I sit back and take it all in and hope I like it and if I don't then I say to myself, “give it a couple of days" Then I walk away from it with my fingers crossed, convincing myself this is the best way ever.; But if Larry doesn't like I will put it all back...with his help of-course...

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