Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taking Time to savor the summer of 2010.....

Luke 26 years of age,
This summer has gone so quickly… one of the highlights had to be our son’s brief visit which allowed us to be a complete family for a while, five days total.  My daughter thinks HE gets the royal treatment, over herself, maybe he does I don’t know. I suppose he might be harder to please so it just seems that way. His birthday is this month and I find myself in disbelief that it was 28 years ago that he became our first born.

Luke 1 year
During these years he has survived so much. Let me share some of what has taken place from an early age on.  He had to drink predigested milk as a baby, however before the physicians could figure that out he suffered substantial weight loss along with quite a bit of pain,because of this undiagnosed digestive problems. He took a leap out a window at the age of 13 months; onto solid concrete one story high, scarlet fever, and a near drowning in the Atlantic Ocean, where he was pulled under several times out of sight. These are just things I know about. It seems as though these visits with our son require that he  share more adventures that he and his friends had growing up. (in the most beautiful spot on God’s earth…Ericeira, Portugal.) Although we do listen with delight and allot of suspicion as to their accuracy, we find it all  hilarious and highly entertaining we continue to be most grateful for his many guardian angels, might I add, will always depend on them.
Whenever he is around we find ourselves, curbing our enthusiasm,he is just like having our very own Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) in the house (if you have ever seen that show.)
We love our son more than words can say.  We know he makes good choices and studies the pros and cons to the whole thing before he decides to take his next step. All that stubbornness and mischievousness has only helped him be what he is today.
Until we see you again your presence is so missed…..and we are blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. That time does fly by, Cindi. Thanks for sharing this corner of your heart. I remember when you first brought him home to Portugal.