Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chritmastime Past.

 It's All About the STAR.

Homemade Christmas Fun 2010
What a fantastic five weeks I spent with Ma and Pa, this Christmas season. Wonderful in many ways, but mainly because I felt like that little girl that I was way back in the 50’s. Not long ago I found a letter that I had written to my Grandparents when I was twelve, telling them that I was putting up our tree, so it seems that even at that young age I was allowed to decorate.  I do remember that both my parents would be heavily involved in the production of our Christmas pageant. Ma was usually the costume designer and lead voice in the cantata.  Pa always had a new script to write and show to rehearse and produce.  The whole town would come and the birth of our Savior was portrayed each year to the thousands of natives from up and down the Amazon River and tribes that lived deeper in the jungle.
Obviously, I must have still “believed” in Santa Claus so the tree was very important to us to guide Rudolph to our home deep, deep, in the jungles of Brasil. And then what presents we all would receive.  Recycled wrapping paper (four years at least) and sometimes the gifts seemed a bit familiar as well…yet the thrill and JOY was beyond words and forever engraved in my memory

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