Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taking time to praise ...

Someone has said that there are 126 psychological experiences all recorded in the Book of Psalms.
It’s the only book, of the bible, that contains every experience of a human being. The Psalms run the psychological range/series/gamut.  Every thought, every impulse,and every emotion that sweeps over the heart is recorded in this book. That is why as we read the Psalms it will always speak to our soul and seems to find just the right chord that responds to our need.
It records deep devotion, and feelings,also the emotions that run high and then low to a point of dejection or a very dark place.
But,unlike the pros out there, it does tell us where we will and can, find the answers and whom/where/ to really take them to...
John Calvin: “They (the Psalms) are the anatomy of all parts of the soul.
Please read:
John 10:10 
John Calvin

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