Monday, February 21, 2011

Who let the dog out...

Lethargic…this is what the Veterinarian said to look for after our Min. Pin (small dog about 12 pounds), had just spent almost 48 hours running at both ends. And the Doc. was worried about LETHARGIC signs….just saying the word causes the effect, lethargic, lethargic, and lethargic. Hey wait, that sounds more like I feel!  After 24 hours(all night long too)of trying to get to the door on time and running out of dog towels and washing and drying more and picking up all Oriental rugs and blocking off all the entrance ways to the rugs I couldn’t move.  My little Green Machine worked over time and so did the canine’s digestive track.  The best description of what was going on for all you culinary people was ketchup out the back and mustard out the front, and the dog in the middle.
Telling myself, BLOT the rug! Don’t rub!  Although I am very happy after the subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics finally took an effect sometime late last night or should I say the beginning of day four, and although-it was absolutely crucial to do our most for the beloved pooch,  I am the one who is sluggish, tired, weary, lacking of luster, languid,(?) and just downright exhausted.
All medicines have been poked down and special bland diet prepared, this creature, I just have to say it, is dog tired…
P.S. We love you Torre Jo and would do it all over again because  just as the vet described you in your chart, you, are a very sweet girl and your weakened high –fives paw shake tells me you are going to be alright.  

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  1. Wow - I can so relate, Cindi. I nursed our little Bubba-dog for about three years before we had to take him on that last ride to the vet (and now I'm tearing up again thinking about it). I'm glad she's feeling better.