Friday, July 8, 2011

Gimpy, Our Fine Feathered Friend...

Poor Gimpy...he flew into my sliding glass door and popped his eye. He was probably stunned for a while but managed to shake it off and fly away.

We didn't see where he went but a few days later we notice this comical, feather-ruffled up the side of his face and flying like he had one to many, guy again. He came in too close and missed the bird feeder and for a second the Min Pin captured him in his paws. We screamed and the canine let him go.

Gimpy is using his wings well enough but

his landing skills are just a shade off. He can land on the tree limbs okay but on the wrong side of them and hangs upside down dangling there for a few moments until he gets his bearings. We watch with our breaths held and sort of encouraging him on… you can do it, Gimpy!!!!
He is fearless despite the fact that he is handicapped, he doesn't give up even when the regular/normal purple finches push him around. We get quite a few finches in our yard, golden ones, and house finches and this beautiful, purple variety. As soon as they all come to eat we finally see him bringing up the end of the flock dear ole one-eyed Gimpy flying as straight as S's and M’s. He fly's up and down and back and forth and hangs there till he knows he is at the right feeder and eats as good as the others. It is awfully amusing and we look forward each day for his arrival because then we know he hasn't falling in the hands of a larger the neighbors big black cat.
So, Gimpy, we are sorry about your accident and do take some of the blame for having such a clean window…but you put a smile on our face and keep us entertained for a while and now days that can be a rare thing. So, hang in there, pardon the pun, since we like to see your tenacity.

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