Thursday, June 14, 2012

Empty Nest needs to be emptied…

Our daughter is getting ready to pack up to move to Florida for Grad. School and as I looked around her room I can’t imagine where to begin to pack her off.  Knowing that she most likely won’t ever live here anymore, how will we make her throw away things she doesn’t need any more?  Part of you says leave everything exactly like you never went?  That can’t be healthy.  I believe that would be boarder- line “hoarderish” of us.
Plastic containers would be a good idea to separate keep and give things; it seems so easy on those shows.  They never let you see how many people are helping with process either.
I am sure the best way is to clean it out completely at least to a storage space of some kind, after all memories are always there and they don’t smell moldy or get dusty.
Step one: Get started! (TOMORROW)


  1. When does she head down there? Is she getting an apartment?

  2. she heads down the 26ish of July...and they do have an apartment available for her through the intership program. it is a studio size. they also offer shuttle service to several places.