Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sofie Marie and Victoria Josephine, raced into the house.  They did their usual greetings throughout the house setting up a ruckus as usual too.   
 Princess Sofie claimed her favorite spot which was on Grand-masters lap.  The mistress and her little sister spent their time with Grand-mistress.
Unbeknown-st to everyone else Sofie decided to sneak into the kitchen to where the beloved Le'Gar-bage was kept.
Her highly bred princess nose began to search for something delectable to eat.  And she found it!
She ate and ate tore and tore until her royal belly was as round as could be.
Now the Mistress took one look at her and knew that that royal belly was a bit too round and the foo foo beard a bit too greasy and followed the trail to the mess. After a scolding and a quick washing of her mouth they went home and settled down for the night.
Well everyone but the the Princess Sofie Marie, for her stomach began to rumble and rumble and gurgle and gurgle...and she felt sick all over. Day after day for four days later her royal highnie was not well.
It was then decided that she must go to the hospital and the Doctor Vet. hooked her up to an I.V. because after he took her X-ray they saw that that royal round belly was stopped up with a CORN COB....this was corking up the Princess royal intestines.  Doctor Vet. scolded the princess too and and after two days and nights and the threat of surgery...Sofie Marie the Princess dog was finally feeling her self again.
Now every one in the kingdom hopes that Sofie Marie will have learned her lesson that Le' Gar-bage is not the place to find food...
and she and her little sister lived happily ever after. 

Le' End

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