Monday, November 2, 2009

The Princess Dog That Ate The Corn Cob.

Once upon a time, there was this Princess dog named Sofie Marie. Like most princesses she had everything her Royal Highnie would ever desire.  A mistress that loved her very much.  Both sets of Grand- mistresses that did too.  All her canine cousins of her kingdom regarded her as the fairest in the land. Her dear, little sister, Princess Victoria Josephine, loved her most of all..
She was always groomed with the latest of "foo-foo" style.  Had many of the o' couture, canine fashions. The most wonderful yard and forest to explore and rocks to climb.  Oh, and squeaky toys and tiny tennis balls .  Her bed was of the finest fleece and animal- printed coordinating duvet where she would slumber all day and early in the cold winter nights. In the summer she enjoyed long boat rides on a beautiful mountain lake...she loved pointing her noise to the wind and barking out greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Loon or at the other dogs that came from the city to spend the summer in her kingdom. One would think that she didn't need anything at all.  For hunger and thirst were never present in her life she had more then enough of all the comfort and love from one and all. 
   Ah, but there was one thing that she most wanted and it was forbidden territory and highly frowned upon for such a fair princess to even THINK about such a place. This place was called, "Le'Gar-Bage".  Oh, but the temptation at times was so great yes, even this princess who lacked nothing, would find herself drawn to it's tempting aromas.  She didn't care if she would dirty herself with the grease and grim and stinky things. She didn't care if she would drive  her Mistress to despair, no, all she cared about was to be able to dig and hunt and tear and spread anything and everything all over the floor.  To her it was so much fun and and so delicious she did not stop to think of what would or could happen.  This was so unbecoming for Princess and a very hard lesson her majesty to learn and obey.
One chilly, autumn, night the Mistress and her husband decided to get in the white chariot with wheels and journey to
her most favorite grand people of all. Victoria Josephine came too but Sofie Marie knew she was the favorite and decided to spend most of her time one of their laps.
To be continued tomorrow......


  1. Very funny and interesting. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Lol! Too funny. A walk on the wild side..... ; )