Saturday, June 19, 2010

I wanted to “Take Time” to honor my Pa!! For Father's Day.

I would like to share a portion of my Dad’s life and  his weekly duties as he ministered to the Indians In the Amazon Jungle.This excerpt is taken from his autobiography...  I think you will get a kick out this section of the book as well as get a glimpse into my life as a child.  ENJOY!!!  
Mercy Drops and Showers of Blessings (1960-1964)

Seldom had a day gone by without people arriving holding their jaws with supposedly medicinal leaves pasted to their faces.  Young mothers from 14 years of age on up who never had prenatal care were the most pitiful cases. Some had cavities in all their teeth, surrounded by gums as red as cherries. Others were in such unbearable pain they extracted their own teeth with knives and scissors.  Pus sacs were common.
I recalled Dr. Johnson saying, “You don’t just yank a tooth out of it socket.  A normal extraction, using the proper instrument and proper technique, usually takes a tooth out without minimal or no actual pulling.  Never hurry the tough ones. Some are floaters and be picked out with little resistance.”

I chose Mrs. Flora as my first patient.  She was known in the village for her fits of rage.  Everybody got out of her way while she brayed and beat the walls of her house. I was relieved to see her smile as she came in.  Just the thought of tooth extraction can take the tucker out of the most courageous. I demonstrated how to get into the chair.  Flora put a foot onto the plywood crosspiece, pivoted around, and plunked down into the chair.  Everything I had studied about tooth extraction evaporated: names of teeth, names of instruments, and pressures.   I thought I had suffered a mini stroke.

I had Flora rinse her mouth with rain water and spit in the potty.  She was an accurate far.  The tooth she wanted extracted was a mandibular molar, a good tooth with no decay.  It was all by itself; there wasn't another tooth in her mouth.
          be continued. tomorrow.........................

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