Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking Time to Celebrate the Life of a loved one....

The Katie we knew and loved lay there, peacefully, as we filed by her white-eyelet lined coffin.  The sting of death was not getting its victory here, because the blessing that Katie brought us all is and will have the victory.  This beautiful young woman knew her savior and served him well the proof is in her testimony of a life lived for Him. Because of it we know beyond a shadow of doubt, she was ushered front and center to His arms.
The ceremony celebrating her life was filled with beautiful pictures of Katie and her family.  Not only pictures seen but pictures sung with beautiful words describing her life on earth as well as her life now in heaven.
I was with Katie's mom (a family friend) for the first months of her "womb" growth.  Her Mother and I watched the belly growing and felt her kicking and moving waiting to get out and live outside.  It almost seems she felt the urgency of it all even back then.  My friend and I (since this was her first and I was childless) read all the books together on prenatal care followed all the charts and ate all we wanted...so much so my friend grew and actually miscalculated the due date. Katie E. Dorman was born on August 25, 1982, but not without my friend stopping to let me know (while in labor pains) she was on her way to hospital and that Katie was finally coming. Everything was just so wonderful and joyful and exciting because of her entrance into this world. I was glad she stopped by we all prayed even more for her safe delivery.)
Well, Katie lived the way she came and I must say did so in many places in the world; Europe, South America, and many other countries that her family's ministry took them. From power tools to garden tools to complex computer programming Katie was used for the Lord and was a BLESSING to all that she met. The Bible clearly quotes that all of our days are numbered and yet we live like we have all the time in the world and waste most of it. I went away that day trying to re-define my priorities and re-focus my life...because where eternity starts hope ends.
THANK YOU KATIE DORMAN-FUHRMAN...for the good example of a job well done for your master.

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  1. Very nice Cindi Lou. You write great. Katie was a wonderful woman and we had the joy to watch her grow up. Dave and Diane have much to be proud of.