Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take a deep breath, it calms the mind.

Lawrence called yesterday morning informing that he had a arrived safely but very tired.. His luggage arrived too.  He is a trooper and goes with the flow, I even think he makes friends and it almost becomes a social affair for him on these incidences.. After what should have been a 8 hour day(turned out to be15) he barely hit the pillow before he conked out. Not me!When I am asked,  why don't you go....I don't like mechanical situations and then rerouting issues and  then worrying if the luggage got on the rerouted flight  to the same destination.  I don't love flying either.  I have had too near to crashing experiences. Nope, don't enjoy it much at all.  Now I like and will make the effort to see family members....  but the shadow of doom and gloom begins haunting me half way into the visit knowing I have to get on the plane to get back home...I know there is a name for this syndrome...that's right  Sindrome. But I just can't help it...I have this chant, as we are taking off mostly...I say, absent from the body present with the Lord...absent from the body present with the Lord....Psalms 139, is a good one too. My husband has this upgrade card that is so wonderful because in my mind, first class section won't crash, right. Lately', I have been taking Victoria Josephine with me, for some odd reason this 10 lb. Min Pin is quite the comfort.  I suppose it helps me take my mind off myself when I leave her home she sits wherever she knows I should be and howls her little self to death.. She looks like a coyote in a western film...this is what they tell me and it is so pitiful too I understand.  Plus, To-Jo(nickname) is such a good girl..yes she is;  yet no one jumps to dog-sit for her like they will for our Sofie Marie our nine year old Min. Schnauzer.

I have decided to post a reliable recipe every Friday blog...and for those that know me I have tweaked these to make them my very own  so stay tuned for Fridays Food Preparation Fun..segment.

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