Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time heals almost everything, give time time.

I've heard it say that everyone should allow any kind of tragedy at least  eight years to stabilize itself  into acceptance. In other words your life will feel normal again or will have adjusted to the present state of living. I will try to list some of these things that I assume would cause pain or that have me personally. Not all but some of these are personal or necessarily in this order.
Being lied to
Perverted film
Sibling  rivalry
Near death experiences.
Own actions.
Boarding house Life
"They"say to talk about how the hurt is affecting you both physically and mentally.  Then, "they" say, ask yourselves why you react this way and/or that way and it goes on and on tell the prognosis is blamed on something else or one.( which to me really doesn't fix it at all.)

My opinion is this if after,said eight years and the pain persists then it was there for the purpose of helping others heal. So at least reach-out and  help some one else. Lending them a shoulder to cry on or arms to hug could subdue pain a bit. But don't give up give TIME time.

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