Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

Whatever doesn't kill driving through a tremendous rain down-pour to pick up Lawrence this after- noon.....saw a car hydroplane off the road,  the whole time thinking it's going to ME  next..  I gripped the stirring wheel so hard my knuckles turned white, and I had to practically peel them from the stirring wheel after I got there because they sort of froze in place.
Did it make me stronger?  Probably,  because of the experience-and the fact I arrived safely to my destination.(a little late, but none the less I arrived) with more courage to do it again.(maybe)
The whole time I kept saying why do I have to be going through this and Lord make it stop raining.
Such is life, there are struggles/fears/situations/issues  we will have to go through that we say I can't do this  it's "killing"me but in the end it really does make you stronger.
I promise!!!

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  1. Sounds awful, I hate driving in the rain! As for making you stronger, maybe you'll need that extra grip later!