Friday, January 15, 2010

Take the Time to Pray for this family!!!!!

From: Marlene;  Health Programs manager; FH- Haiti
Date: Thu, Jan 14 at 6:25 PM
Dear FH Family,
As you may already know Haiti is going to a very dramatic time after a very strong earth quake that practically destroy mainly Port au Prince and the metropolitan area. We are in a situation of disaster and we are ALL left by ourselves because the UN HQ as been completely destroyed and the complete head team has been killed after the building housing them ( a huge hotel of more than 8 floor and as many at lower  level) was completed smashed down…the direct consequence is that all effort ( loader, tractors ,helicopters , etc ) are concentrated to help the UN first and the whole population is left to her ” own sake “  as they reply when they are called for Help. People that are under the destroyed building and still alive are not being rescued by the institutional help ,we are seeing instead solidarity effort and enthusiastic and spontaneous helper rescuing people .In my neighborhood we were able to rescue alive  a 98   blind YO lady after 16 hrs  .Her house smashed down over her head ,she is not well with her left arm broken and bruised she might end up amputated .
7 hospital have been destroyed including 2 of  MSF and the results that the only remaining hospital were overloaded after 45 minutes following the event and after the first day they ran out of all elementary medical material like IV fluid or just Gauze. Thousands of people( 3000 they  say) are wounded and cannot receive help or care as a result many have died because of lack of care .Since help from the government or the UN has been totally absent the population is fighting alone and the dead people are just abandoned on the sidewalk we cannot count them ) Luis, Leonel ,Celeste ,Glenda ,Tom and Kim you already have visited Caribbean market. Caribbean market was smashed down to the street level at the rush hour time. Many school,Hotels (like Montana: hosting at the time 200 visitors was completely destroyed)  and universities while they were having the afternoon group working. The palace is partially destroyed and the cathedral is completely destroyed.
My family was miraculously save alive, the house where I lived is completely destroyed although the roof is still standing. Next door ,where I grew up my parents house is completely smashed down with my father .He died I think and hope immediately we were able to remove him under the roof from after 2 hours of effort and I have buried him in the front yard of our his home ( instead of waiting for the government) .Funeral home are unreachable and any way  overloaded  . I am trying to help as a doctor but there is not much supply to care for wound and bruises.
Life has stopped since 2 days. Communication is impossible by phone and I am using friend internet provider to send that email. Leonel even we need help I am not sure it is wise to come now with your family.
We need is mainly : medical teamS and supplies to care for wounded people traumatic specialized surgeon and or orthopedist, and nurses ( amputation will be probably the most required action at the moment help will arrived) psycho logic support will be important as well ,food for the population living in the street and sleeping on the drive way on comforter and sheet mattresses , that what I am doing for 2 days with my family .
I personally have almost  lost everything as furniture and clothing ,shoes ; however my laptop ( my working  life  was with me and is still safe ) School year is probably lost, because most schools are destroyed … I do not know….
I remain hopeful and merciful to the Lord who is on His throne the same way as HE  was WHEN  Noah EXPERIENCED FLOOD …
We need you to pray for lives to be changed by the grace of GOD I have never seen Haitian crying out to GOD like that So it is a right time for them to accept the Lord as their savior .
Health Programs manager 

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