Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 1974....

36 years ago today, at 7:00 PM, in Schroon Lake New York, Larry and I said our wedding vows.
Only now,after so many years of refining...  those words that we repeated  really do make sense.
In sickness and health, I can't tell you how many hours I have sat in the waiting room as Larry was having surgery. He on the other hand has probably had to contend with "mental "stuff with me.  OCD at.times my children would say.  But, healthy days would out number the ill ones...for that we are great full

Richer or Poorer,  I suppose would have to depend on how you define those two words.  Does it mean money in the bank and all our assets or does it mean a life filled with fun and laughter.  A life of serving in a country building something from seedlings to giant trees, over looking the ocean.  O yes, I am a princess daughter of the King O Kings married son of the King of Kings.
It is often difficult to distinguish a vow from an oath. A vow is an oath, but an oath is only a vow if the divine being is the recipient of the promise and is not merely a witness.
We said our vows before God and other witnesses...I believe that these vows are the glue that holds a marriage together in difficult times.  A reminder that there was a promise made that should not be broken no matter the cost.The vow seals the deal and builds the very foundation to begin a life as one.
Becoming ONE, we learned after a difficult period in our marriage,does not mean blending of selves stay you and he stays him...and you use these two lives or backgrounds to form a better one.  It does not mean one or the other.  That is why I hold my breath when, the Unity Candle is used in a wedding as the symbol of joining two lives or families...and then the bride and groom blow their own candle out.  Thus saying I am not any more.  You and your light should shine and compliment and build a bigger flame together
So, today I will go back in my memories of that day and all that took place before during and after...I will cherish  it as one of the most important moments of my life.  And I hope that I would treat it as one of the most precious and valuable ones too

. ' Til death Us Do Part.....

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys have been a great example of living out your vows. I love you both!