Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking Time to Serve ...

Last night as we were talking and waxing eloquently in our Bible study (trying to out "theologianize" each other), it suddenly occurred to me that doing that very thing was so NOT Christ like.
I realized that before any ministering to others Jesus set aside time for prayer which will prepare and strengthen us for the journey. Then He tried to identify with the ones He talked and walked with. He saw and understood and helped them UNDERSTAND before forcing them into change and frighting them with the ole hell,fire,and brimstone approach.Ya know? He focused on the heart of the issue first. When they were hungry he prepared the lunch and sat down too. When He was tired He rested. He was always ready to serve in all the methods He knew how.
AND, this part is the hard part for most of us...He did it all with HUMILITY...He loved people and appreciated culture and didn't go around trying to change everyone to fit His own until they saw Him as the answer to a condition and a need they had to fill and it was a joy to do so.
I know He was/and is God and could and can do beyond all understanding . By the end of our lesson we read a quote by Ron Sider which to me summed it up very nicely: "God does not want anyone to feel guilty for not doing everything-or for taking time off for relaxation and recreation.  Everyone should prayerfully ask God what limited, specific things God wants him or her to concentrate on.  It was God after all, who made us finite with only twenty-four hours each day.  Being called to do all God wants us to do to correct social sin is not a heavy burden.  It is an invitation to joy and meaning in life, an occasion for blessing our neighbors, and a wondrous opportunity to be a co-worker with the Lord of history."

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