Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take Time To Do These Three Things

Jesus felt the need to do these three simple habits:
(1) He stood up to read "as was His custom"
(2) He went out into the mountain to pray "as was His custom"
(3) He would teach them again
This are just the basics of living in the spiritual life. If He, the very Son of God could not get along with out them, how do I hope to do so???
Here is my new diet for spiritual food...then I won't eat physical food. skinny would a lot of us be. If I would cut my physical food each time I cut my spiritual intake HUMMMM.  Get the picture.
I truly believe our Bible time and prayer time should come in plateful size daily. If this New Year of 2010 or this new decade, I am faithful in these three areas of my live... I can truthfully say I am a success and in good shape.

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